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Still in business, despite the coronavirus!

For the reasons announced in this post, and explained in this letter emailed to the congregation on 17 March, there will be no meetings of any kind until further notice. Any changes or other community news will be announced either here or on our Noticeboard page.

But that doesn’t mean that our community ceases to operate – we just have to do it in different ways! Lack of any opportunity to worship together is difficult to cope with, but a St Margaret’s service will still take place at 9.30am each Sunday, with Kenny isolated in our Rosyth church, and our congregation there only in spirit. You can follow the service using the liturgy at this link, and the readings and collect at this link – these will be updated before each service.

You are then invited to join in the 11:00am service at Holy Trinity. Details in this post.

Many other congregations are providing materials to encourage and inspire, including streamed services, and links to these will be provided by other posts on our Resources page. There’s this new post to encourage you as we start the countdown to Easter Day.

Welcome to St Margaret’s, Rosyth. We are part of the Scottish Episcopal Church, which shares a long history of Christian worship from the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland, and which is part of the world-wide family of churches that make up the Anglican Communion. Our present church was formed in January 1996 from the congregation of St Margaret’s Anglican Church, when the Royal Navy withdrew from Rosyth and we were invited to worship in Rosyth Methodist Church, with whom we are now in a Local Ecumenical Partnership (follow the link to “Our partners”).

At St Margaret’s we are a friendly and caring congregation, and the vigour of our hymn-singing belies our small numbers, as David Chillingworth (until 2017 our Primus) commented on in his blog. We are aware that ours is a living tradition continually moving forward, and we are looking for you to join us and play a part.

There is a place for everyone and we would like people of all ages to feel part of our Sunday worship. Our main form of worship is Holy Communion using the 1982 ‘Blue Book’ Scottish Liturgy, sung to a setting appropriate to the season. At other times there are meetings of groups to which our members belong. Our aim is to ensure you quickly feel at home but also find sufficient challenges to move forwards in your spiritual life.

For details of what’s on, click this link, or use the “What’s on” tab. You’ll find us in Queensferry Road at the junction with Woodside Avenue, and 5 minutes walk from Rosyth Station. More details at the “Where we are” tab. We welcome everyone: we have a loop system for your hearing aid, access for buggies and wheelchairs, disabled toilets, and large print versions of the liturgy books.

Issues of “Contact”, the newsletter of the partnership, can be viewed on-line or downloaded from links on the Our magazine page; our Archive page has links to separate pages with information on previous significant events.

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Regular services
Look out for changes during December – check at What’s on!

(except 4th)

0930 Sung Eucharist

(occasionally we start at 0915 – see What’s on for details)

1100 Methodist Worship

4th Sundays:
Worship together

1030 “Messy Church” during term-time
1100 Joint Communion



Mostly on 1st Sundays, but not every month, and occasionally on a Saturday – see What’s on for details