Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, so Rev Sheila Cameron joined the many preachers struggling to define and explain the difficult concept of the Holy Trinity! Here are some of her thoughts:

Our three-personed God should not be seen as one person wearing three different hats, or operating in three separate modes, but as a unity of three persons who have co-existed from the very beginning … inseparable in the creation, the redeeming and sustaining of the world.

… A(nother) helpful image of the Trinity I’ve come across is that of light: think of the light produced by a candle, where the three elements of wax, wick and flame come together simultaneously to create light. No one part can provide light without the presence of the other two; all three parts need to combine for the whole to realise its purpose of bringing light into darkness.

… We say that God is love, and this is another image that demands threefold participation: for divine love, like all loves, cannot exist without the threefold interaction of the one who loves, the one who is loved and the love itself that binds them together. And through the beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in his relationship with God the Father, we too are drawn into that fellowship of love with God and with one another.

I’ve come to see that our three-personed God contains everything our human nature requires in one true God who is creator, redeemer and sustainer. The created world of which we are a part is a place of poignant beauty: poignant because it contains pain and imperfection, loss and unfulfilled longing. But our faith teaches us that we’re moving onwards towards perfection, the perfect creation that exists in the mind of God the Father, and we believe we can do this only through the gift of Jesus, the Son. … Our ultimate destiny is union with God in glory and divine perfection. We need to be redeemed, forgiven and reconciled to our creator and to one another; and in the absence of the physical Jesus we need to be sustained and blessed in our daily struggle by that third person of the Trinity, God’s Holy Spirit – dwelling within us, among us, and in our world.

Do read the whole sermon, which is available at this link.

Our picture is of the floral arrangement at Rosyth Methodist Church created for Trinity Sunday by Val Leslie.

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