This is the night of intimacy
when a young man in Jerusalem
gathers friends around him
to share a meal
a last supper
in an upper room.

This will be another night
of enforced intimacy
as the young and old of Ukraine
strangers thrown together by fate
meet in bunkers and trenches,
gym halls and refugee camps
to eat a meal
not knowing if it is their last.

This is the night
when the Lord of the Universe
stoops low
divests himself of power
removes his outer garment
and washes disciples feet.

This is the night like others of late
when people thrown together
by the need to survive
reach deep within themselves
shed their differences
and do whatever it takes
to help each other make it through.

This is the night
when Mary’s Son
takes bread
blesses it
breaks it and shares it:
his body given for the life of the world.

This is the night
when the sons and daughters of Ukraine
are taken
without blessing
broken and shared without consent:
their bodies offered
for the freedom of the nation.

This is the night
when promises are kept and broken
when disciples show their true colours,
when a kiss leads to betrayal
when intimacy is undone.

This is the night
for silence
for keeping vigil
for staying awake
for watching not to be put to the test.

This is the night
when darkness makes sin possible.

This is the night
whose dawn cannot come soon enough.

Blessèd are those
whose feet are washed
and blessed those who wash them!

Blessèd are those
whose bodies are broken
and blessed those who tend them!

Blessèd are those who stay awake
and blessed are those who sleep
in hope of Resurrection.

This reflection by Rev Dr Michael Paterson was shared at our Maundy Thursday eucharist.

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