On 6 February 2022 we celebrated both Candlemas and the 70th anniversary of the accession of HM Queen Elizabeth. Rev Dr Michael Paterson’s reflection at the St Margaret’s eucharist started

On a day with so much to celebrate,
let’s hear it for the women,
the leading ladies in today’s feast,
whose voices are never heard,
whose stories are told by men.

And he then went on to talk about Anna and Mary, whom we had heard about in the Gospel reading, about HM Queen Elizabeth, and about every woman in the congregation:

In an age
when it’s easier to come out as gay
than it is to come out as Christian,
let’s hear it for every woman here
who will go down in history
because she dares to believe –
despite all the odds –
that God is worth talking about
gossiping about
serving and loving.

Let’s hear it for every mother
and teacher
and Messy Church helper
who passes on the Good News
to the next generation.

Let’s hear it for every woman
who tells her children
that they too – like Anna –
can be evangelists
that they too – like Mary –
can sing of freedom and justice
that they too – like Elizabeth –
can live lives of faithful service.

You just have to read the whole of Michael’s reflection, which is available to download at this link.

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